IBCMS2014 has accepted a total of 50 abstracts. Full papers are due Sep. 19th.


Upon review, IBCMS has accepted 50 abstracts, with 55% of acceptance rate. Authors of accepted abstracts must submit full papers, abstract and profile by September 19th. Those who fail to meet the deadline and those who are unable to personally present the paper on the date of the conference (Oct. 30, 31) will be excluded from the conference presentation. 

To encourage the participation of international presenters, the committee will provide five accommodation rooms at the TNUA Hall free of charge to Tsu Hou NG、Louise Anne Marcelino、Elizabeth Scott、Park, Geun-Tae、Tan Yuk Hong Ian.

Reviewing principles are: the correlation to the conference theme, the reliability of empirical studies and data, the importance in the field of museology, and the degree of completion of research. 
Lists are the accepted abstracts and statistics. 

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