PositionNameEducationResearch InterestsContact Me
Assistant ProfessorJan-Yen HuangPhD, Kyoto Institute of Technologythe history of museums in Japan, museums and local society, and studies of intangible cultural heritageext. 3404
ProfessorChia-Li ChenPhD, Museum Studies, University of LeicesterMuseum Education, Museum & Contemporary Social Issues, Visitor Studies.ext.5414
ProfessorWan-Chen ChangPhD, Muséologie, Muséum National d’histoire NaturelleMuseology, Exhibition Narrative Theories, Collection Studies, History of Sino-French Art Exchange in the 19th Century.ext. 5443
Associate Professor/DirectorJen-I LiaoPhD, Aesthetics, Université de Paris-X NanterreAesthetics, Sociology of Art, Art Museum, Cultural Tourismext. 5424